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Dr. Sianghio has been in San Antonio since 2002. She is an Army Veteran and was stationed in Germany, Kansas, and briefly in San Antonio. She fell in love with San Antonio and made it her home. She is an entrepreneur/optometrist and has a total of six grandchildren and 1 due in early December 2021. She enjoys the outdoors, working out, reading, working on her Airbnb, and spending time with her husband as well as good friends.

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10 Things We Do Differently

As a whole, we are a great team, not just eye care providers but primary care providers that care about our patients’ overall well being. We addressed not only patients’ eye wellness but also other systemic health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, any autoimmune, dry eyes and many more. With the increase in electronic usage, our practice has noticed significant chief complaints regarding poor quality as well as discomfort in close up vision. We are responding to the community’s needs and are in the process of starting our dry eye clinic. We continuously strive to better ourselves, professional and personally by taking continuing educational courses as well as our own personal growth. We Co- Managed with cataract surgeons whom we have a one on one relationship with and a trust that our patients will be in skilled surgeon hands but also have our caring values. . We also have a team of retinal specialists that we consult with regarding diabetic retinopathy as well as macular degeneration. They are quick to respond with questions and concerns.. Recalling on one occasion, My retinal specialist, went the extra mile to help my patient be seen at a very late evening hour and thus saved my patients vision.

I am truly grateful for all the specialists that have partnered with my office to provide exceptional care. Our team, when warranted, will suggest different treatments and recommendations for patients to suggest and include a complimentary pre-lasik consult. This process starts with our dedicated team to call the surgeons office and schedule an appointment. This typically can indicate if they can become a future lasik patient based on our findings. We have a very high success rate with not just lasik but as well as other surgical corrected modalities.Our team has also been known to think outside the box. We have referred patients for the not so talked about area of vision called binocular vision. Many times a corrected pair of glasses is given to a child but yet has a variety of complaints close up. The focusing mechanism of a child or color hues are off. We will suggest that a behavior optometrist is warranted to start vision therapy.

Patients are in awe and have never heard of such a process. We will take time and educate our patients. We believe that giving our patients a variety of options are one of the key factors in our success. (belongs in another paragraph)On one occasion we went out of our busy schedule to pick up a patient at her home due to not having a good corrected pair of glasses where she is not even able to drive with or without them. On another occasion, we had also taken a few patients home when they had a very high sugar reading, realizing they had left their insulin at home and were not safe to take any form of public transportation.

We have gone above and beyond to make sure patients referrals are followed through and many times we will make those appointments for the patients ensuring that continuity of care is continued. This assures greater visual success and outcome. We treat every patient like family and many times are seen laughing, and joking while enjoying the eye exam process, a very enjoyable experience. Our patients love the office’s energy and our willingness to go above and beyond. Since this community has a significant number of Veterans, we typically give military discounts when we are unable to take their insurance. Dr. Sianghio started with humble beginnings at the young age of 9 years old, immigrated from the Phillipines and eventually settled in the great state of ND. During her formative years, her experience with different ethnic groups and culture proved to become an asset to the Eye to Eye Team. We are able to adapt very quickly with different cultures and ages as well as having many varied interests that can be relatable to every patient. I would without a shadow of doubt believe that with the many talents at the office that Eye To Eye Vision is truly a gem and find in this small suburban community of San Antonio.