Our products consist of a large inventory of contact lenses from various vendors; Alcon, Cooper, Bausch and Lomb to Vistakon. We also believe that each patient is an individual and not every plan is a one size fit all motto. We have products that will keep your eyes moist and lubricated in the daytime as well as during night time. Soft contact lenses typically fall into 4 categories and it is within these 4 categories that determines which lenses are best for my patients. Under each category there are subcategories for eyes that need spherical lenses,eyes that are shaped mostly like a basketball, toric lenses, eyes that are shaped like a football and irregular eyes that are shaped like a cone, might need a special custom lens called a rigid gas permeable or even a scleral lens. What she typically will look for is once the prescreening, pretesting is completed and the patient is in the exam room, she will take a look at all the findings. As an example, If an eye is very dry, she might recommend a lens that has more oxygen transmissibility and even will look at lifestyle to determine if monthly or daily lenses are a better option. If a patient is not good at remembering to remove their lenses every night before retiring for the evening, she probably will recommend that a night and day lenses would be best for her patient’s overall corneal health.