Dr.Sianghio is a Therapeutic Optometrist and Glaucoma Specialist in the greater San Antonio area, Windcrest, TX for over 12 years. When she graduated from Pacific College of Optometry in 1990 she embarked on serving her country and made a commitment to join the US Army. She finished her tour with 5 years of active duty. Her first tour was in Baumholder, Germany. The small hospital of 54 was a great stepping stone for the many opportunities that were given her. As a child, I was awkward and always getting into trouble and it wasn’t until I was 12 years old that my parents took me to an eye doctor, optometrist. When he did the exam, I could not even see the big letter E until I was 3 feet away. Everyone was shocked. I received my first glasses on that day. As life continued, due to her thick and heavy pair of glasses, it would typically fall off her face. It was not until her senior year, as a graduation gift, a contact lens exam. Her world just became brighter and she couldn’t believe that not only could see well straight ahead but her peripheral vision was second to none. It was at that time, she decided to become an optometrist. She feels what separates her from others is due to her military tour as an optometrist. She had multiple roles from being stationed in Germany to returning stateside, San Antonio and Kansas. While in Germany, the small 54 healthcare workers in a field medical clinic provide medical services from medical doctors, nurses, pharmacist to optometrist since the nearest hospital is about 1 hour away, she would have to quickly triage and treat all the medical eye cases and consult with the surgeon if needed. She developed her military leadership skills which allowed her greater interaction with the hospital commander, company commander to even the medical battalion commander. She formulated a plan to assist with starting a preceptorship sight in this community so more active duty and dependents could be seen in the clinic.