Dr. Sianghio provides comprehensive wellness exams for glasses and contact lenses to medical eye exams that range from red eyes caused by trauma to medical issues from an autoimmune such as diabetes, hypertension and many more. The exams provided are for patients that range in ages starting at six years old to centurians. There will be times when she is able to see much younger children if parents or staff can assist to distract their attention to a picture chart. With her medical eye exams, she has seen automotive workers, welders and even landscape personnel that will get either a metal object or any foreign object in their eye. Dr. Sianghio will then be able to remove the offending agent and prescribe the necessary treatment. Most of the systemic diseases, if not all, have either dry eyes and tear film instability that makes it hard for them to read or even drive. This is where she has to decide to either use otc non preservative lubricants, and ointments to prescription drops or provide services such as punctal plugs, heat therapy with meibomian gland expressions.

Currently what we have noticed in our clinic, since everyone, all ages that uses a computer for school or work for entertainment have exponential use of electronics such as computers, tablets, and even cell phones that many times have caused eye strain as well as once again tear film instability. She will typically recommend a special blue light filter be added to glasses to provide better comfort. It is also just good practice, for every hour spent on any electronic device to use the 2020 Rule. For every hour, take a 20 minute break and it is within this 20 minutes to look out the window 20 feet away, while stretching, the third 20 is to slowly blink 20 times and the last 20 is to close your eyes for 20 seconds. Using this general catchy 2020 Rule has helped patients balance that it’s truly important for not just eye health but overall balance of health in general. She has also been very successful in fitting scleral lenses, and the use of amniotic membranes to heal the cornea. Scleral lenses are typically reserved for patients that have a very high prescription as well as having very irregular shaped cornea that nothing has worked in the past to correct a patient’s visual system. These lenses provide a perfectly smooth optical surface, correcting visual problems caused by corneal irregularities. We will be launching our Dry Eye Clinic in 2022 and hope this will add a level of service for our patients that have been suffering with everyday computer usage and daily activities.

Dr. Sianghio co-manages with various ophthalmologists in the area. She has a good working relationship with not only a general ophthalmologist but also a retinal doctor, and an oculoplastic doctor. She has taken a very proactive approach to also reach out to patients primary doctors and specialists such as their endocrinologist, pulmonologist and gastroenterologist. This has been very rewarding, being able to care about the patient not just their visual needs but their overall well being.