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Dr. Sianghio can be reached at 210-657-2020 . There are many reasons why patients should call our office today. We typically can see you, if you call before noon, that we can see you on a walk in basis or a dedicated time slot for that day. Once you are in our office, the staff immediately can verify your insurance if not already done so while on the phone. After the examination is complete, we can make your glasses in a very timely manner, taking typically only 1 hour. This is usually unheard of in today’s doctor’s office.

We have a staff and doctor that always puts the patient’s needs first, going above and beyond to help them. Patients can also make appointments online through our website portal, allowing for more convenience. We are providing comprehensive eyecare using state of the art technology which in a few cases has proven itself by having a physical before the physical. Let me explain. When the doctor looks at the 2D and 3D retinal imaging technology, she can determine if the patient might have systemic conditions. This information can be used to extrapolate the information to further warrant a trip to their primary care doctor. She will recommend certain lab tests to obtain from the patient’s doctor and thus in turn will have better overall health management or co- management. The tests are usually an out of pocket expense but fortunately our office is one of a few that provides this technology at a very affordable price. We also offer complementary questions and answer time for any patient concerns. She will spend time asking patients as well as their family members questions to be able to bridge the gap of missing health information. Dr Sianghio also accepts a lot of vision plans as well as medical plans. This allows so much continuity and flexible in overall wellness.

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