Getting your new glasses today has never been easier than here at eye vision in San Antonio with one of the best Eye Doctor San Antonio has to offer. this means that if you wish to walk out same day with your glasses or your contacts who quite possibly could. we are going to guarantee that your exam is going to provide you with the information that you need in order to make an educated decision on the future of your treatment. we also want you to know that we are open to many cultures and a beliefs, which makes us an excellent place for those who feel they may not fit in at every single eye doctor.

Major difference between the services we provide here at eye vision versus any other Eye Doctor San Antonio has to offer in their services is definitely going to be our ability to think out of the box. we know the importance of being able to see, saving your eyes at a young age if possible, or delaying the inevitable loss of your eyesight as long as possible. this is exactly why we have created our Optometry office that’s going to be able to provide you with the information and resources necessary for you to be able to get that treatment. we are always thinking out of the box and want to make sure that you are able to get the treatment you need even if it means you have to get a hold of a specialist.

you would be surprised to learn that there are many different areas of Optometry in which many Eye Doctor San Antonio won’t mention and this is quite frankly because they are either too lazy, they do not consider it available option, or they just simply do not know about it. however, we are going to assure you that if you feel this or any of the treatments that we offer you could possibly benefit you then you definitely want to let us know so we can get you into that Specialist or treatment as soon as possible.

all we want to do is to be able to provide and make a difference within our community when it comes to eyesight. this is especially because the newer age we become the newer technology becomes, therefore the more common it is to spend days if not hours looking at a screen. this is actually why we have also created our dry eye clinic here at our eye facility because we know that it’s going to go ahead and assist some people in their typical dry eyes along with this training from constant screen usage.

we want you to go ahead and schedule that first consultation today and get your eye exam done then be provided with your free laser consultation. you can do this on our website at or if you feel like calling is a good option then we definitely recommend giving us a call at 210-657-2020.

Eye Doctor San Antonio | What? Online Ordering For Contacts!

We know we are going to be your favorite place for Eye Care once you learn of the amazing capabilities that we have through our online services so you’re not only going to be provided with an amazing Eye Doctor San Antonio, but with extremely Advanced Services that are going to allow you to order your contacts in a seamless manner. we’d actually like to go ahead and explain to you exactly how you can order those contacts online, but we want to make sure that you’re aware of how you can come in and get a contact or glasses eye exam today. all you have to do is give us a call or a visit our website and go ahead and request that first consultation today. we also have a few intake forms that we would require you fill out and submit to us in order to become a patient at our facility, however they only take a few minutes.

To start off, if it is your first time using our online services that we want you to go ahead and check the availability that we have currently before you choose to register an account with our website. once you have registered you are more than able to book an appointment and view the availability that we currently have coming up. this is truly amazing because lots of other Eye Doctor San Antonio do not offer you this online capability. we have seen a more often that people are continuously favoring the online booking rather than calling anymore, which is exactly why we wanted to be able to provide this opportunity.

if you have already attended an exam and your Eye Doctor San Antonio has been able to determine that you are in need of contact lenses or glasses, you are going to want to get a consultation to see if contact lenses are going to be the best fit for you. most people don’t understand that contact lenses are actually a big leap from glasses and completely different. some people have amazing results when it comes to contact lenses and others are unable to wear them. either way we’re going to make sure that we can assist you with the proper lenses or contacts.

Lastly, in order to order your contacts if you have found that they are going to be a good fit for you you’re going to go to our website and then click order contacts in the top right. from here you’re going to see that you will be able to Shop and Save on orders over $175. this means you get fast free shipping if you order over $175. In order to get them shipped to your facility all you have to do is find the contacts that you wish to have, enter your Rx medication information, and then proceed with check out. from here they’re going to go ahead and get shipped right to your doorstep.

like we stated, you are more than welcome to go ahead and follow along with us on our website and learn exactly how you can order your contacts today there at we also hope that you give us a call if you have any questions 210-657-2020.