When you’re needing to get an eye exam our doctors at Eye Doctor San Antonio, Eye to Eye Vision put our patients first and we care about your health. We want to be able to give you the best treatment plan that is specialized for your individual needs. As an office and as individuals we continuously try to better ourselves. We are responsible for the community of moods and we start the process of treatment as soon as we can. We work with cataract surgeons who have a close relationship with us, this allows us to trust the surgeons with our patients. They are skilled surgeons with steady hands. We also have caring values. We work closely with a retinal specialist we consult our clients about diabetic retinopathy and we also work with muscular degeneration. We have the connections and treatments best for all ages and all different kinds of diagnostics.

We put your health and health 1st we take the time to educate our patients. And we also talk about the key factors to our success. Your health is important to us and we how to put a hold on our busy schedule to drive a picture at home who forgot their insulin at home when their high blood sugar levels were reading high. We ended up driving them home since it was unsafe for them to take public transportation or drive themselves. On a different occasion, we did drive a woman home who did not have the right pair of prescription glasses and she couldn’t see correctly so we took it upon ourselves to drive her home. We are one-of-a-kind Eye Doctor San Antonio and we take pride and are honored to make a difference in our community.

We have gone above and beyond for our patients, when our patients are referred to us we make sure that we reached out to them as soon as possible ensuring that the continuation of their cat care is in its process. We like to assure our patients that there will be greater visual success and outcomes when treatments are followed consistently.

Humble individuals in the office the best Eye Doctor San Antonio, Eye to Eye Vision will make sure that you were getting the treatment that you deserve. We want to make this a great experience and not waste your time. Our doctors are dedicated to giving you the treatment correctly and diligently. Having professionals in the office was the early years of experience to give you the benefits and treatment plans that are best for you. I do not believe that everybody has the same treatments and everybody has the same problem so we will customize a treatment plan and get you on the right track right away.

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Eye Doctor San Antonio | About Our Doctor

Dr. Leyden E. Sianghio, OD is an Eye Doctor San Antonio location, she is a therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist. She has lived in the Santonio area for over 12 years, when she graduated from Pacific College of optometry in 1990 she decided to serve our country and made the commitment to join the US Army. She spent five years on active duty and her first tour was in Baumholder, Germany.

When working in a small hospital with only 54 employees, was a great opportunity for her. As a child she was always getting in a lot of trouble until she was about 12 years old, her parents took her to the eye doctor, and she end up getting her first pair of glasses. She received her first pair of glasses that day when they realized she had a hard time seeing the letter E, which she could only see from 3 feet away. She didn’t end up getting contact lenses until her senior year in high school, as a graduation gift. That’s when she decided to go to school and become an optometrist. She realized how life-changing when going from cloudy vision to clear vision, it had changed her whole world. She decided she wanted to change the world of many. She has been stationed in Germany and returning stateside to San Antonio and Kansas. It makes her stand out from the rest.

She saw a purpose and she worked towards that so we are able to change the lives of many. She is now an Eye Doctor San Antonio. When working in healthcare at a small medical clinic with only 54 workers where she provided medical services for medical doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to optometrists since the nearest hospital was about one hour away. She found a passion in the optometry side of it and she was quick to treat all medical eye cases and was able to consult them to a surgeon if needed. She developed her leadership skills in the military which allowed her to have greater interactions with the hospital commanders, company commanders to even the medical commanders.

Dr. Leyden E Sianghio has been in San Antonio, Texas after being stationed there previously in the military she fell in with the place. Becoming an Eye Doctor San Antonio, Eye to Eye Vision She has the passion and past to help others at the place she calls home. She is an entrepreneur and optometrist but that’s not well all she is she is also a grandmother of seven grandchildren, she enjoys the outdoors, working out, reading, and working on her Airbnb. She loves spending time with her husband as well as surrounding herself with good friends. She has made her duty and formulated a plan to be able to help the community that would be seeing in the clinic, she also gives discounts to active duty and foreign military veterans especially if their insurance isn’t excepted.

To book your eye exam with a free Lasik consultation you can call her number at 210 657 2020 for more information about our doctor, products, and services you can visit our website at https://eyetoeyevision2020.com/