Dr. Seungho is the Top Eye Doctor San Antonio can offer for you or your loved ones Optometry needs. She has always been a powerful presence and attempted to excel the problematic systems that have come along with her career even before being an optometrist in San Antonio. By this we mean that one of the most known accomplishments of doctor sign is her Commitment to join the US Army and during her first tour in Baumholder Germany she attempted to increase the medical capabilities surrounding the small Medical Clinic of 54 healthcare workers. With this she suggested developing a preceptorship site in the community in order to service more active duty members and their dependence. her leadership skills truly blossomed in the military and have only excelled since entering a typical workforce field.

Being able to help diagnose specific medical conditions that may not be seen just from the first look are very important in Optometry considering most issues cannot be seen front facing. with this you will notice that Dr. Seungho. A Top Eye Doctor San Antonio, will push for referrals that other optometrist may not because she knows what she sees is incorrect or varying and she cannot prove nor deny it therefore a specialist is needed. She has many examples of these wonderful accomplishments and capabilities on her website at eyetoeyevision2020.com.

Another cool thing that isn’t necessarily an accomplishment but definitely sets Dr. Seungho apart as a Top Eye Doctor San Antonio is the capability to purchase your contacts completely online. you did hear that correctly you do not have to go in person in order to purchase your contact lenses you just select Purchase contacts in the top right and log into your account if applicable. from here you can find the perfect contact lens for you into your Rx number and then check out. if you have an account go ahead and log back in prior to purchasing!

Dr. Seungho Is genuinely a one of a kind person and Optometry physician. She enjoys many things including working with her family outside, reading and or working on her Airbnb. As you could have guessed during her employment she ended up being stationed at San Antonio and decided that she loved it so much that she moved here in 2002 and has not left since. Of course with that she decided that Optometry was definitely the field in which she wanted to enter and specifically in that City. Can we blame her?

These are just one of the many reasons why you should visit Eye to Eye Vision Optometry Clinic. Dr. Seungho Continuously strives to provide the best Optometry care possible in San Antonio. Go ahead and give us a call at 210-657-2020, you will truly find no Optometry physician like her. To find some information on our clients that have also felt the same regarding our doctor; testimonials are on the right hand side of our web page. We also have a Facebook page where you can find regular updates and need information regarding our Clinic!

Top Eye Doctor San Antonio | How To Order Online

You may not know that even though Dr. Seungho is a Top Eye Doctor San Antonio, she as well as anyone else needs help understanding New Age Technology such as being able to order your contact lenses online. During this article I will explain to you exactly how to use our online services found on our website. It is really not that hard and is actually a very convenient method to be able to quickly and securely order your contact lenses without having to go in person. If you want to check out this option go ahead and select ‘order contacts’ in the top right of our website.

As Top Eye Doctor San Antonio Systems to improve the process of in person appointments had to be created. So, Once you have selected that option you can go ahead and Log into your account or create a brand new one in order to be able to remember important information about you and your personal preference for contact lenses. don’t forget you get free shipping on orders totaling over $175! It only takes three simple steps for you to be able to order those contact lenses today. These steps are as follows; find your lenses, enter your RX number, then purchase! We want the process to be as easy as possible for you. Don’t forget we are available at all times to help you if any questions do arise

Now of course the very first step is to visit our Top Eye Doctor San Antonio, Dr. Seungho, In order to verify the proper prescription needed for your contact lenses and to have a contact lens exam to make sure that you in fact can use contact lenses and they are a perfect fit for you! After that just go ahead and log in online as instructed, select find your contacts and Then enter your Rx number. keep in mind you can filter results by the brand name Specific keywords, and or manufacturers.

The process for ordering your contact lenses online is really streamlined, very simple and easy to understand. don’t forget you can get help from us by calling us any time at 210-657-2020 or submit a contact us form. We also want to mention that our testimonials can be located on our website if you’re interested and listening to any of our previous patients favorite aspects about our Clinic! You can find our testimonials at eyetoeyevision2020.com. Get a hold of us to set up your appointment today. We will be more than happy to help you with any issues you may be experiencing whether that be little or small. This means that whether it is dry eyes or glaucoma we can help you!

Allow Dr. Seungho To show you and your eyes the compassion you need today. We will fight to help you gain the best site possible and live with the best quality of life you can!